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A speed addict, gas burner or petrol head has a special connection with his or her car. The car is an extension of yourself, a translation of your personality, it’s your passion, your freedom and it makes you feel part of the subculture … it’s a lifestyle.

Our DNA originates from the motor-vehicle industry. Started in 2016, inspired by quality products and everything with an engine after which translated into garment and accessories. We enable you to express your passion for speed.

“If you are a sports fanatic, there are plenty of brands to feel comfortable with and express your passion, but for a speed addict there were relatively little options, until now!”

Drive safely!

Opinari hat sich auf die Herstellung von exklusiven Fahrerzubehör spezialisiert. Driving Gloves, Kleider, uvm.gehören zum umfassenden Sortiment.

Alle Produkte werden aus feinsten Rohstoffen hergestellt und liefern einen hohen qualitativen Standart.

Shop Discount Code: CARSCLUB.CH.15%